League Descriptions

Click on the league below to find out race dates and start times.

Course Inspection is 1/2 hour prior to Race Time
Meet / Check in - 1-1/2 hour prior to Race Time
LeagueLeague TypeStart DateRace Time
BHFRI**Adult + Kids - BONUSJanuary 57:30 pm
BHSAT**Adult + KidsJanuary 610:00 am
BHSUNAAll AgeJanuary 710:00 am
BHSUNPAll AgeJanuary 75:15 pm
WMSUNA**All Age - BONUSJanuary 710:30 am
WMSUNDAll AgeJanuary 71:00 pm
WMSUNP**Adult + Kids - BONUSJanuary 74:30 pm
BHMONAdultJanuary 87:30 pm
BHTUESAdultJanuary 97:30 pm
BHWEDDAdult + KidsJanuary 101:30 pm
BHWEDPAdultJanuary 107:30 pm
WMWED**All Age - BONUSJanuary 107:30 pm
BHTHURAdultJanuary 117:30 pm
WMFRI**Adult - BONUSJanuary 121:30 pm

Adult Only Leagues (18+)

For Adults ages 18 and over.  Kids are welcome to Guest Race.  It is recommended to have an adult or parent present with kids under 16 – parents are not required to race.

Adult + Kids Leagues (All Ages)

Teams can consist of all adults, all kids, or mixed. 18 Year old and up are considered adults. 17 and under are considered kids.

Separate awards for Fastest, Fast and Most Improved will be given to adults and kids. Teams will be be ranked together for standings.  Final End of the Year League awards: Adults and Kids will be separated out for Fastest of the league and Most Improved of the League.  Only one “Most Valuable” award will be given out at all Adult + Kids Leagues.  The winner of this award can be either an adult or a child under 18.

Parents are allowed to race out of turn if they need to help their little ones. Parents are allowed to guide young, inexperienced racers through the course. Check with the Ski Challenge Staff for specifics. Parents are NOT required to race.  Younger or inexperienced racers are welcome to start at the bottom of the start ramp. Ski Challenge Staff will be on hand to instruct on how to participate in the race.

 All Age Leagues (All Ages)

For ages 4 and over. All ages are welcome to join teams, however, kids and adults will not be separated out for individual awards such as Fastest, Fast, Most Improved.  Teams will be be ranked together for standings.  Parents are NOT required to race.  These leagues may consist of more adults than kids.  If you are looking for leagues with more kids please see our All Age leagues above.  Final End of Year League Awards:  Adults and Kids will be combined for Fastest of the League, Most Improved of the League and Most Valuable of the League.


Each participant gets to take either ONE extra run or TWO extra runs at each race depending on the particular bonus league and as time permits.  Only the best time in each run will be used to determine handicaps.  Ski Challenge scoring will then be implemented using those two handicaps.  Only the best times in each course will be sent to NASTAR.  Running orders must be followed for all four runs.  If a bonus league gets more teams, it will then become a normal league with one run in each course.