League Descriptions

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Course Inspection is 1/2 hour prior to Race Time
Meet / Check in - 1-1/2 hour prior to Race Time

* = Double Race
LeagueLeague TypeStart DateRace Time
BHWEDPAdult - 13 and upJanuary 47:30 pm
BHTHURAdult - 13 and upJanuary 57:30 pm
WMFRIAll Age - BONUS - 4 runsJanuary 61:30 pm
BHSUNAKids + AdultsJanuary 89:45 AM (CHANGE AT WEEK 4)
NO BHSUNA on January 15
January 22 will be a double race for Week 2 & 3
BHSUNPAll Age - BONUS - 4 runsJanuary 85:30 pm
WMSUNAAll Age - BONUS - 4 runsJanuary 811 am (NEW TIME)
WMSUNDAll Age - BONUS - 4 runsJanuary 81:30 pm (NEW TIME)
WMSUNPKids + Adults - BONUS - 4 runsJanuary 84 pm (NEW TIME)
BHMONAdult - 13 and up - Bonus 3 runs totalJanuary 97:30 pm
BHTUESAdult - 13 and upJanuary 107:30 pm
BHWEDDAll AgeJanuary 111:30 pm

Open Races

Ski Challenge Open Races allow for participants to take as many runs as they want in a certain amount of time.

Adult (teen) Leagues (13+) – League Description

For Adults and teens.  Ages 13 and over.  Younger kids are welcome to Guest Race if accompanied with a parent and follow our Guest Racing Policies.

Please note that these leagues are focused around adults and if you choose to sign your teen up to participate with you, we cannot guarantee that the atmosphere at awards will always be appropriate for kids.

All Age Leagues (All Ages) – League Description

For ages 4 and over. All ages are welcome to join teams, however, kids and adults will NOT be separated out for individual awards such as Fastest, Fast, Most Improved.  Teams will be be ranked together for standings.  Parents are NOT required to race.  These leagues may consist of more adults than kids.  If you are looking for leagues with more kids please see our ADULT + KIDS LEAGUES.

End of Year League Awards – Kids and Adults will be ranked separately for Fastest of the League and Most Improved of the League. Most Valuable of the League will be given out to one racer and can be either an Adult or Kid. (*There are no end of year individual league awards for preseason leagues)\

If an All Age League ends up with more than 10 girls and 10 boys under 18 years of age participating, it will be converted to an Adult + Kids League where individual awards are separated out.

Adult + Kids (4+) – League Description

PLEASE NOTE – In order for an All Age league to be considered an “Adult + Kids” league, we need at least 10 girls and 10 boys under the age of 18 participating.

Teams can consist of all adults, all kids, or mixed. 18 Year old and up are considered adults. 17 and under are considered kids. Separate awards for Fastest, Fast and Most Improved will be given to adults and kids. Teams will be be ranked together for league standings.

End of Year League Awards* – Separate Fastest of the League and Most Improved of the League for Adults and Kids. Most Valuable of the League will be given out to one racer and can be either and Adult or Kid. (*There are no end of year individual league awards for preseason leagues)

Parents are allowed to race out of turn if they need to help their little ones. Parents are allowed to guide young, inexperienced racers through the course. Check with the Ski Challenge Staff for specifics. Younger or inexperienced racers are welcome to start at the bottom of the start ramp. Parents are not required to race, but are strongly encouraged to attend the race. Ski Challenge will have one staff member at the top of the hill getting racers in order and instructing on how to participate in the race. Ski Challenge does not have the staffing to assist racers on the chair lift.

Younger, less experienced racers are allowed to slowly snow plow through the course during inspection and may also try the ramp during inspection upon Race Crew approval. More experienced racers are asked to follow the Ski Challenge inspection rules.


Each participant gets to take FOUR total runs in the race.  Only the best time in each run will be used to determine handicaps.

The following are considered bonus leagues for the 2022-23 season*:


* May Change back to a “normal” league if league gets too big