Ski Challenge Open Race at Giants Ridge

This is a fun race that everyone can participate in.  You don’t need to be a Ski Challenge member to join.  Sign up as a full team of 6, or sign up as an individual and be placed on a team.

When:  Friday, March 2 – 2:30 pm (inspection 2 pm) –
Where:  Innsbruck (Giants Ridge)
What:  Teams of 6 competing for great prizes – and the Cup.
Cost:  $150 per team ($160 if paying with a credit card) – $25 per person ($28 with Credit Card)
AWARDS:  5:30 pm at The NEW CHALET next to the Burnt Onion Bar and Grill

Pre-Registration and Pre-pay is now closed.  You can still register and pay at the event if you haven’t done so yet.


DRAFT LIST – List of individuals looking to join a team.

Ski Challenge Open Running Order

Updated: March 1, 2018
100The Dirty 1/2 Dozen200Whiskis!
110The Keggers210Fast & Flurrious
120The Winners220The Rock It Dawgs
130Naski Boyz230Wanna Tip?
140Workin' On It240Odin's Vengence
150Bone on Bone250Thor's Thunder
160Mach-Schnell260Add Ons
170No Wax270Rut-Roh
180Open 1280Open 2
190Open 4290Open 3
200Whiskis!100The Dirty 1/2 Dozen
210Fast & Flurrious110The Keggers
220The Rock It Dawgs120The Winners
230Wanna Tip?130Naski Boyz
240Odin's Vengence140Workin' On It
250Thor's Thunder150Bone on Bone
260Add Ons160Mach-Schnell
270Rut-Roh170No Wax
280Open 2180Open 1
290Open 3190Open 4