Ski Challenge Open Race at Giants Ridge

This is a fun race that everyone can participate in.  You don’t need to be a Ski Challenge member to join.

When:  Friday, March 3 – 2:30 pm (inspection 2 pm) –
Where:  Innsbruck (Giants Ridge)
What:  Teams of 6 competing for great prizes – and the Cup.
Cost:  $150 per team ($160 if paying with a credit card) – $25 per person ($28 with Credit Card)
AWARDS:  5:30 pm at The NEW CHALET next to the Burnt Onion Bar and Grill


You can still register and participate in all events for the weekend.  You will have to check in, register and pay at Giants Ridge.  We are going to waive the late fee on payments due to not having some of the week 7 races.  Team racing will still be $25 ($28 Credit Card) per person.  Clinic is $20 ($22 credit card).  King of the Hel $20 ($22 CC), Ski Challenge Open $25 ($28 CC)


Ski Challenge Open Running Order

Updated: March 2, 2017
100The Dirty Six200The Rebuildables
110No Wax210Skol
120Snow Chance220Skiers of Catan
130PL Kids230The Tunrt Onions
140TC Riders240Wedgies
150Race Junkies250The Winners
170Team Brewski270Rut Roh
180Open 1280Open 2
190Open 3290Open 4
200The Rebuildables100The Dirty Six
210Skol110No Wax
220Skiers of Catan120Snow Chance
230The Tunrt Onions130PL Kids
240Wedgies140TC Riders
250The Winners150Race Junkies
270Rut Roh170Team Brewski
280Open 2180Open 1
290Open 4190Open 3