BHTHUR – Week 7 Awards – Thursday, March 9

Buck Hill has informed us that they are unable to get enough snow to stick at the top of the race run in order to put gates in and make a safe race course.  So, we are not going to be able  to race on Thursday, March 9.

We will be having an award ceremony / party on Thursday night.  Meet in the regular Ski Challenge Room.  Doors will open at 6 pm.  Awards at 7 pm.  Black Diamond will have beer specials for the night.

It saddens us that the season has to end this way.  We apologize if these schedule changes do not work for everyone.  We are doing the best we can with this terrible weather.

Please let any of your fellow teammates who may have opted out of our e-mail list know of this change.


It is not Ski Challenge policy to cancel or postpone races, however, in the event of very severe weather, only the team captains should call the Ski Challenge office. We will also post an announcement on the website.

Unless the ski area closes, races are on. There is not really any time to make up races and refunds will not be issued due to weather. If the ski area is open and running the lifts, The Ski Challenge will provide the opportunity to race. Individuals may choose not to participate if they wish.

It is hard to cancel races due to cold weather. In Minnesota we may have three weeks of sub zero temperatures or three weeks of unseasonably warm weather. The evening races will have a decision by 4 pm, Sunday morning/day by 8:30 am, Sunday evening races by 1 pm. Racers should check on our website, contact their team captain or the host Ski Area:
Buck Hill: 952-435-7174 ext 608 — Wild Mountain: 651-257-3550 — Hyland: 763-694-7800

If a league event is cancelled due to weather. Ski Challenge and the ski areas will do all we can to make up the event whether we make it up on a different day or make it up in a double race. Unfortunately, no refunds can be given if a race absolutely cannot be made up due to weather.