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Masters Sunday Super G & Slalom

To See PHOTOS of the 2021 weekend CLICK HERE


March 4, 5, 6, 2022 at Giants Ridge.

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If you have a team participating in a division and you want to race, you must pay and participate with that team.  You may only paceset in divisions that you do not have a team participating in.*

*For 2021 we will not have any extra pacesetters since our divisions are combined.

LIFT TICKETS – For 2021 –

Follow this link:  LIFT TICKETS

  • Click buy advance lift tickets
  • Click events
  • Select the start day of the trip
  • Then Select 1, 2 or 3 day ticket.

Racers will also need to fill out the event participant waiver at

  • 1 Day:  $54
  • 2 Day: $90
  • 3 Day: $105

CHECK IN:  Racers will be able to check in and boot up in the Sports Pavilion at the bottom of the hill right above the parking lot.  Only 15 people will be allowed inside at one time.  Once you are checked in and booted up, you will need to take all your belongings out and store them in your car.  We encourage everyone who is able to get dressed and booted up prior to coming over to the race venue and check in.

PARKING LOT:  Racers are welcome to tailgate in the parking lot as long as they are keeping the proper social distance of 6′.  Giants Ridge will have some food and drink available for purchase at the races.

AWARDS / RESULTS:  Results and awards will be given out at the end of the race day OUTSIDE OF THE REGISTRATION BUILDING.  We will be doing this even after the Friday Open Race and King and Queen of the Hel.  No gatherings or awards are allowed inside and we will not be using the garage this year.  We will still have great prizes for the the winners of the Friday Team Open Race and the King & Queen of the Hel Race.  We will also have Plaques for each Team Division winner.  Door prize winners will also be drawn at the end of the day.  We do not plan on handing out neck medals or pins this year.  (Some neck medals and pins will be on hand if a racer would like to come up and grab one)

DIVISION TEAM RACING:  All Division racing will be held on Saturday.  All Division Team Racing will be held on Innsbruck.  We will be running two divisions per race.  Plaques will still be awarded to the winning team in each division.  If you are on more than one division or team per race, your scores will be transferred over to the lower seeded team for scoring purposes.

If you are a team from another league besides Ski Challenge and would like to compete in our Division Team Racing please contact the Ski Challenge office to be placed in an appropriate division.

MIDWEST MASTERS SUNDAY FUN DAY – The Masters group is putting on a slalom and Super G Races on Sunday.  Go here for more information:  MASTERS SUNDAY EVENT

Giants Ridge’s Burnt Onion Restaurant and Main Chalet can be used by reservation only.  Follow this link for more information:  BURNT ONION RESTAURANT


To see results for the 2019 Championships at Giants Ridge follow this LINK