Divisions for Team Racing Complete List

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Teams are placed in a division usually after race #5 by using the medal average of each racer based on the average handicap after the best and worst are dropped. Whatever roster is listed on Week #5 will be your Championships roster,

The top six racers’ points (same point system as used in leagues) are then added up for a team average total. The 7th, 8th, or 9th racers may be used to break ties. Divisions are formed by grouping the teams with similar points together. Racers must participate in one regular season league race to be counted for state.

If you have an injury after divisions are determined, or you have an injured participant who will not be able to attend Championships but is still showing up on your roster, please let Ski Challenge know so that we can plan your division accordingly.

Running orders for each division will be determined after the completion of week 7 races.


2021 Divisions for all teams - In Alphabetical Order
Updated: March 2, 2021
If your team said they are not going, they are not included in this list.

Team Division
60 DA NU 40 1
All Tuned Up 3
Anita Wax 1
Bald Eagle Flyers 2
Buck Naked 4
Bud Bunch 1
Buhler Blizzard 3
Caravelle Racing 5
Guys & Dolls 2
Haute Cocoa 6
Ibupro 3
Joe's Ski Shop 4
Knights of Gnar 5
Ladies of the Night 4
Liquid Ice 5
Lock Down 3
Locked and Loaded 1
Mach Schnell 6
Musskis 4
Need for Ski 5
No Fear 1
Ole Domination 4
Parabolic Furs 2
Piste Off 4
Powderkegs 3
Premature Release 2
Quarter Life Crisis 4
Rather Be Knee Deep 6
Safety Committee 2
Schliders 3
Shotskis 3
Shred the Bunny! 6
Ski Criminals 4
Skiagra 1
Special Ed Racing 5
Team Brew Ski 3
Team Dirtbag 6
Team Gutterball 3
The Birds of Prey 3
The Brewskis 2
The Cruzin Wild Bunch 4
The Frozen Chicken Heads 6
The Goslowskis 6
The Karma Terrain 2
The Naski Boyz 4
The Rookies 5
The Sitting Ducks 6
The Young & Edgeless 2
Tip N Rip 6
Tuckin' Fools 1
Veloci-Racers 4
Wasted Youth 1
Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke 3