Championships Lodging

The Lodge at Giants Ridge – 2020 Block – 877-442-6877

1 Bedroom Condo Per Night – $210** Per Night Fri & Sat
2 Bedroom Condo Per Night  – $369 Per Night Fri & Sat
3 Bedroom Condo Per Night – Call for Quote
4 Bedroom Condo Per Night – Call for Quote

**Rates are for Parking Lot Side – Hillside 1 Bedroom Premium Rooms are 10% of current rate.

For Thursday and/or Sunday nights – Call for Quote

Room rates listed above do not include tax or fees.
Reservations need to be made by February 11, 2020 in order to get these rates.

You must say you are with The Ski Challenge Block to get rates.  

The Villas – 800-843-7434

10% off room rate per night

*Please refer to the Ski Challenge block when booking. Discounts are applied at booking only and must be mentioned.

Other Lodging Options

For other Lodging Options follow the link below.

Other Lodging Options