Running Orders for Championships

Running orders are determined by teams’ medal averages.  The report is run after week 7.  (Divisions are figured based on standings at week 5)  Because we are combining divisions, our order is slightly different than year’s past.  Second rank teams in each division run first, first ranked run second.  Then the rest follow.  With the current circumstances, we believe this is the fairest way to do running orders since we are combining divisions.  Teams are ranked after week 7 racing is complete.  Be aware, if you had someone on the border of a medal, and they move up a medal or down a medal, this can affect where your final ranking for seeding is.

If you are on more than one team in a race, you will be given the bib number of the higher seeded team.  You can run with either team, but may only take one run in each course and must wear the bib number we give you.  We will move your times over to your other team for scoring purposes.

 Not all teams have 10 racers so the total number of racers is not as big as the list looks.

Division 3 & 6 Running Order

Innsbruck - 10 am
Blue DivisionRed Division
300Ibupro3400Haute Cocoa6
310Team Brew Ski3410The Frozen Chicken Heads6
320Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke3420Team Dirtbag6
330Shotskis3430The Goslowskis6
340Lock Down3440Rather Be Knee Deep6
350Powderkegs3450Mach Schnell6
360All Tuned Up3460Tip N Rip6
370The Birds of Prey3470The Sitting Ducks6
380Team Gutterball3480Shred the Bunny!6
390Schliders3490Buhler Blizzard3
400Haute Cocoa6300Ibupro3
410The Frozen Chicken Heads6310Team Brew Ski3
420Team Dirtbag6320Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke3
430The Goslowskis6330Shotskis3
440Rather Be Knee Deep6340Lock Down3
450Mach Schnell6350Powderkegs3
460Tip N Rip6360All Tuned Up3
470The Sitting Ducks6370The Birds of Prey3
480Shred the Bunny!6380Team Gutterball3
490Buhler Blizzard3390Schliders3

Division 2 & 5 Running Order

2021 - 11:30 am
Blue DivisionRed Division
500Guys & Dolls2570The Rookies5
510Premature Release2580Liquid Ice5
520The Karma Terrain2590Caravelle Racing5
530Bald Eagle Flyers2600Special Ed Racing5
540TGIF2610Knights of Gnar5
550The Young & Edgeless2620The Brewskis2
560Parabolic Furs2630Safety Committee2
570The Rookies5640Need for Ski5
580Liquid Ice5500Guys & Dolls2
590Caravelle Racing5510Premature Release2
600Special Ed Racing5520The Karma Terrain2
610Knights of Gnar5530Bald Eagle Flyers2
620The Brewskis2540TGIF2
630Safety Committee2550The Young & Edgeless2
640Need for Ski5560Parabolic Furs2

Division 1 & 4 Running Order

Innsbruck - 1 pm
Blue DivisionRed Division
100Tuckin' Fools1190Musskis4
11060 DA NU 401200The Naski Boyz4
120Bud Bunch1210Ole Domination4
130Anita Wax1220Joe's Ski Shop4
140Wasted Youth1230Piste Off4
150Locked and Loaded1240Ski Criminals4
160Skiagra1250Buck Naked4
170No Fear1260Veloci-Racers4
180Ladies of the Night4270The Cruzin Wild Bunch4
190Musskis4280Quarter Life Crisis4
200The Naski Boyz4100Tuckin' Fools1
210Ole Domination411060 DA NU 401
220Joe's Ski Shop4120Bud Bunch1
230Piste Off4130Anita Wax1
240Ski Criminals4140Wasted Youth1
250Buck Naked4150Locked and Loaded1
270The Cruzin Wild Bunch4170No Fear1
280Quarter Life Crisis4180Ladies of the Night4