We have posted the results on our Ski Challenge website going all the way back to 2012.  If you want to see past personal results before 2012, you can follow the link to NASTAR.**

To view Ski Challenge Results on the Ski Challenge Website, you will need a pdf reader.  Go here for more info or to load onto your device

**NASTAR Results

NASTAR results are currently unavailable.  As of December 3, NASTAR does not have any working software to integrate with its website.  Ski Challenge normally submits scores the day after each race to NASTAR for our racers to be ranked nationally.  USSA purchased NASTAR in the Spring and made the decision not to sign on the existing NASTAR software developer.  Ski Challenge is currently working closely with NASTAR to try and post scores in some way.  We will update this information as we get it.


RACE THE GATES for Wild Mountain

The past NASTAR software developer has started his own program, Race the Gates, to post scores online.  Wild Mountain is using Race the Gates to time our Ski Challenge Races (they used to use NASTAR, but that is unavailable at this time).  Ski Challenge will submit all Wild Mountain races for Ski Challenge to both NASTAR and Race the Gates.  This program is similar to the NASTAR program.  Buck Hill scores will only be sent in to NASTAR when that is available.  To see more information go here:  RACE THE GATES


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