Double Header Races

How does a Double Header Race work?

If you can’t make it for the start, try and get there when you can and we will do all we can to get all your runs in.  Sunday AM start time still 9:45 am.  Race will just take a bit longer.  Weeknight double races we will try and start racing at 7 instead of 7:30 pm.  Inspection is always 1/2 hour before start time.

Everyone will take one run on each course based on the running order for the first week of the two weeks we are covering.  Once everyone has gotten their two runs in, we will pause for a bit and either slip the existing courses, or make a minor reset.  Then we will start the next race based on the next week running order we are covering.

We will have an abbreviated awards ceremony for each of the two races.  We will honor Fastest, Fast and most improved of each race and then will abbreviate team awards depending on where we are with time.

We understand that having Double Headers isn’t ideal.  We appreciate your patience and understanding with this situation.