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Ski Challenge Sponsors and Advertising

Ski Challenge is always looking for new sponsors and advertisers.  If you are looking for a unique way to promote your goods or business, become a Ski Challenge Sponsor!

Ski Challenge sponsors benefit by being exposed to a great target market of like minded people.

Some of the basic benefits that sponsors get are:

  • Ads in all printed and e-mail newsletters (provided by sponsor)
  • Logo with link on all e-news sent out by Ski Challenge
  • Listed on Ski Challenge Brochures
  • Name on General Sponsor Page of website with link to your website
  • Mention at League awards ceremony
  • Mention for door prize give away at each week in leagues sponsored
  • Allowed to distribute any literature at league events

Higher level sponsors get:

  • Logo to appear on website league pages
  • Logo to appear on league results posted on website
  • Sponsor events and news promoted on Ski Challenge Facebook Page
  • Logo on t-shirts (120+ per league)
  • Logo on Bibs (120+ per league)
  • Logo on Team Photos
  • Logo on Running orders inside and outside and on website for all leagues sponsored
  • Logo on indoor League banner for all leagues sponsored
  • Logo displayed on banner(s) at Championships at Giants Ridge
  • Logo in Newsletter under league standings
  • Logo on Ski Challenge Vehicle and Trailer (pending vehicle sponsorship – no logos on vehicle if no vehicle sponsor)
  • Logo on table toppers  and running orders for all leagues sponsored
  • Logo on weekly result pages at hill, shops and website – for all leagues sponsored
  • Outdoor banner hung up weekly (banner provided by you) – for all leagues sponsored

We offer five different levels of sponsorship.  Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Contributing sponsor levels.

Contact Barb at Ski Challenge at info@skichallenge.com or 952-894-9220 for more information.


Buck Hill Friday PM and Saturday AM Leagues Discontinued

Unfortunately, Buck Hill has decided to cancel our Friday night and Saturday morning leagues for the 2019 season. Friday nights have been cancelled due to the lack of meeting space for our check in and awards. Black Diamond wants to rent out the event center on Friday nights if possible and the Hutch is being used by the ski school. Saturday mornings, Black Diamond wants to rent out the event center and Buck Hill does not want a race on the hill on Saturdays.

Please consider joining our NEW Friday DAY league at Buck Hill. This league will be considered an All Age League and also a BONUS league. This means you get two runs in each course. Race time is 1 pm, with inspection at 12:30 pm. The event should wrap up by 3 pm.

Also, if you are a family or kid who enjoyed our Friday night league, please consider our Sunday PM league. This is an all age league that is also a bonus league. It starts at 5:15 pm. Course inspection at 4:45. We are usually all wrapped up by 7 pm.

We are disappointed that this has happened, but want to give everyone the heads up and options that are available.

We are contemplating and working with the Buck Hill race department to have some kind of practice/gate nights with timing on the four Friday nights in January. This is in the early planning stages and we will let everyone know if it will happen.

2018 Championships Recap

We had another successful Championships Weekend at Giants Ridge March 2-4.  The weather was fabulous and the conditions were awesome!  We had a total of 511 racer starts during the three days.  The Ski Challenge OPEN Team Race was held on Friday.  Divisional Team Racing was held on Saturday and Sunday.  And, the “King & Queen of the Hel” race was held on Saturday afternoon.  Scroll down to see more about each race.

Ski Challenge Friday OPEN Team Race on Innsbruck

“NoWax” team was the winner out of 17 teams again for the fourth year in a row!  The team included Scott Malmsten, Ken McAdam, Kristina Ammon, Pat Hiller,  Doug Nordmeyer, and Terry Lutz.  We had 96 participants in the race.  An awards ceremony was held Friday night at the new chalet next to the Burnt Onion Bar.

To see all results click here:


Team racing took place on Saturday and Sunday of the Championships Weekend.  Divisions 2, 4 and 6 were on Saturday and Divisions 1, 3 and 5 were on Sunday.

Winning Teams: ALL RESULTS

Division 1:

  1. RE/WAX – Buck Hill Wednesday DAY
  2. Bud Bunch – Wild Mountain Sunday DAY
  3. Shotskis – Wild Mountain Sunday DAY

Division 2:

  1. RUdoneW/that? – Buck Hill Friday
  2. The Karma Terrain – Buck Hill Wednesday DAY
  3. The Gate Commandos – Buck Hill Sunday AM

Division 3:

  1. Musskis – Buck Hill Monday
  2. Buhler Blizzard – Buck Hill Sunday AM
  3. The Naski Boyz – Buck Hill Wednesday PM

Division 4:

  1.  The High Lifers – Buck Hill Thursday
  2.  Jesters – Buck Hill Wednesday PM
  3. The Cruzin Wild Bunch – Wild Mountain Sunday DAY

Division 5:

  1. Bucket Boys – Buck Hill Sunday PM
  2. Sitting Ducks – Buck Hill Wednesday PM
  3. Rail Riders – Buck Hill Saturday

Division 6

  1. The Rookies – Buck Hill Thursday
  2. Ancient Ninjas – Buck Hill Thursday
  3. Rock it Dawgs – Buck Hill Saturday

To see all results CLICK HERE


This was the second year of the King and Queen of the Hel Race.  This race was open to all Ski Challenge members and non Ski Challenge members and is held on Helsinki.  We had 54 participants.  If you were a Ski Challenge member, we took your “rated Handicap” going into the race and compared what your earned handicap was in the race.  We then determined a % improvement (or un-improvement).  We crowned a King and a Queen of the Hel based on the best % of improvement.  We also gave prizes to the fastest racers in various age groups.

An awards ceremony was held on Saturday night in the new Chalet next to the Burnt Onion Bar.  Anika Hager was crowned Queen of the Hel.  Eddie Overholt was crowned King (for the second year in a row).  To see all the results for this race follow these links:



To see photos from the weekend you can find links on our website here: PHOTOS.  Or you can find the photos on our facebook page here:  PHOTOS




2018 Season Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone for a great season!  It takes a lot of people, places, and moving parts to make everything work!  Mother Nature finally agreed with us this year by giving us Winter!  The conditions were good and the temps rarely went above 32 or below 0!  The on hill crews and Ski Challenge staff at Buck Hill and Wild Mountain worked hard to bring everyone a quality program for all abilities and race levels.

2017-18 By the Numbers

For the 2017 Preseason season we ended up with 218 racers starts.  We tried something different this past preseason by cutting back to two weeks of racing.  This avoided having to cancel the first week due to lack of winter weather and snow cover.  Cancelling the first week has been a trend for the last few years.  Starting the second week in December gave the ski areas time to get a good base and be ready for racing.  Unfortunately, we were unable to have a Wild Mountain preseason league.  There just was not enough participation to warrant the Ski Challenge Team format.  Wild Mountain did offer practice gates each Wednesday night in December for Ski Challenge racers.  Hopefully we can try again to have a pre-season league at Wild in December of 2018.

The total number of racer starts for our regular, seven week league series was 6,615.  This was number was up about 1% from the year before.

Ski Challenge helped put on the Padraig’s Place Ski Race benefit at Buck Hill on Saturday, February 10.  A total of 82 racers participated.

Giants Ridge hosted our end of the year Championships.  We had 361 racer starts in our Team Events.  96 participated in the Friday Ski Challenge Open race and 54 racers competed in the King & Queen of the Hel race.

Overall, the Ski Challenge submitted 7,276 results into NASTAR during the 2017-18 seasons.

Padraig’s Place

What is Padraig’s Place?

Padraig’s Place is an adaptive ski program at Buck Hill.  It’s a local, non-profit organization that has come together with Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard School to provide a fun experience for skiers and snowboarders with both physical and cognitive disabilities.  Padraig’s Place provides an opportunity to experience winter fun in a safe, family friendly atmosphere. They are focused on having fun and giving all guests the opportunity to enjoy winter recreation.   Padraig’s Place tailors their lessons to suit the individual needs, creating the best memories again and again.

How Padraig’s Place began

Padraig is a young man from the Twin Cities whose family loves to ski.  A number of people believed that because of Padraig’s disabilities that he would not tolerate ski equipment or enjoy skiing.  His family believed he could and this year Padraig begins his 9th season of skiing.  For us “this is a family activity.  We couldn’t imagine not sharing the sport we love with both of our children, despite the challenges that we might face,” says Brian and Eileen Foley, founders of Padraig’s Place.  The success in getting Padraig on the snow was in large part due to the support and encouragement that the Foley’s received from the  Buck Hill Ski School.  They are thrilled to now be able to share this great winter activity with other families through the collaborative efforts of Padraig’s Place, a non-profit organization, and Buck Hill Ski and Snowboard Area.

Ski Race Benefit

Padraig’s Place is hosting the 10th Annual Ski Race Benefit on Saturday, Feb 10, 2018 at Buck Hill Ski Area of Burnsville, MN. Skiers and non-skiers are welcome to join in for a fun evening of ski racing along with a chance to honor Padraig’s Place’s participants, donors and supporters.

A Special Après Ski Party will follow with awards, special recognition, and a presentation on Padraig’s Place. This is a fun evening to give support to Adaptive Skiing at Buck Hill.

Go to padraigsplace.org/Ski-Race-Benefit or the Ski Challenge Website for more information.

Welcome Back Racers – FAQ!


If a participant has not paid by race day, they must pay $145 before they receive a bib, t-shirt and are allowed to race.  No one will be allowed to race without fees paid.  If a participant thinks he or she paid and it is marked unpaid, they still need to pay before racing.  Our staff members will make a note for the office to check on payment.  If he or she has paid and we did not mark it down, we will either rip up the check or send back payment.

There are no refunds issued by The Ski Challenge. If someone on your team drops out, or gets hurt, a replacement must be found. The replacement person pays the member who originally paid. If a replacement cannot be found, there is still no refund from Ski Challenge. When a participant (adult or child) withdraws from the program we are left with an opening that was being held for them, possibly turning away other racers. Ski Challenge will attempt to assist you with finding a new member.

Your fee covers all race event administration including: your T-shirt, uniform/bib, two timed runs per race, scoring and awards at each race, medals at each race, trophies and medals at the final league race, chances to win door prizes at each race, result newsletters, web site with updated scores every week (including scores sent in to Nastar), team photo, and staffing for each event.  Note that your fee does not completely cover the cost of all the above expenses, so the fee is subsidized with sponsorship money.

Lift tickets are NOT included in your fee to The Ski Challenge.  You must purchase lift tickets from each ski area in order to use the hill.

Roster substitutions are NOT allowed.  Guest racers may race with a particular team, but cannot count for the team scores or take the place of a missing rostered member for the week.  Each racer number is assigned to a rostered participant and all of their information (ie birthdate, gender, age, previous week’s handicap).  This is permanent until an official roster change has been made.
Roster additions or changes to teams (up to the roster limit of 10) may be made up to and including the third league race. Re-entry of participants is not allowed. You can only make one roster change per bib number. Once a change is made, it remains for the remainder of the season. (Check with office for substitution for injuries.)

A racer’s age is as of December 31, 2017.  It will NOT change during the season.
If a member switches from one team to another in the same race series, all race results prior to the switch will remain intact on the original team.  If a guest racer joins a team, their race results from their guest race in that race series will be added to the team they joined.

You need to have raced in at least one weekly race on the team you will be going to championships with by the completion of week 5.
The current team roster at week 5 is used to determine the team’s division at State.  If a member gets injured after week 5, please contact the Ski Challenge office for this special situation.  All Teams are eligible to compete in the State Championships.  Full teams of 10 are not required.

If you check on your on-line waiver to opt out of e-mails, or you have unsubscribed from an e-mail sent from Ski Challenge, then you will be “opted out” of the list. This means you will not receive any Ski Challenge information including cancellation notices, from Ski Challenge. You will also not receive any sponsor promotions and sale information. If you opt out, you will also NOT be eligible for a door prize during the season. If you would like to OPT back in, you can send Ski Challenge and e-mail for directions.

You may inspect your race course prior to the race by side slipping.


  • Ski through the course
  • Ski through the finish
  • Shadow the course (before or during race)

Additions or changes to teams (up to the roster limit of 10) can be made any time until race 5.  Re-entry of participants is not allowed.  Open spots may be filled any time.

YOU MAY NOT:  Ski with someone else’s bib
YOU MAY NOT:  Substitute someone else in a rostered racer’s position (your entire team will be disqualified for that race and scores will be taken out) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING THE PROPER BIB – IT IS NOT EASY TO SORT OUT TIMES UNDER THE WRONG BIB #.

If you crash and will not be finishing your race run, or miss a gate, you must ski out of the course.  Do not go through the finish unless you complete the course and want that time to count.  If you get interfered with by another skier while in the course, you must ski out of the course and not go through the finish line in order to get a rerun.  If you ski through the finish, you will not be able to get a rerun and your time will count.  (If you are at the last few gates, you may ski through the finish) If your ski comes off as you start the course it is the discretion of the starter to determine if you should receive a re-run.
If you are taking a rerun, do not go in the middle of a team- go after one team and before another.

You may not ski through the course after the race is complete.  It is not safe for the race crew who is trying to take the course down at that time.

We encourage you to invite friends to guest race.  Or, if you want to drop in at another league night, you are welcome to guest race.

1.  You are allowed to guest race two times per league per season
2.   The cost is $15.  With that you get a temporary bib to wear, two runs* (one on blue & one on red), results and a medal.  We will also send your results in to NASTAR.  *More runs if you are guest racing in a Bonus League.
3.  If you don’t check in prior to the race with the Ski Challenge staff, or if  you show up after the race has begun, you cannot race.
If you are bringing someone new to try racing as a guest, both you      and your guest may guest race for free.  Download a voucher online.

What is a Handicap??

A handicap represents the percentage your time is behind a par time or National Standard Par, in this case a time that Casey Puckett would have gotten on the course. (e.g. 15 handicap = 15 percent behind Casey’s time). The National Standard is the Par Time or Casey Puckett’s “0” handicap which every racer competes against when they race NASTAR.

Pacesetters earn certified handicaps that are used to set Casey’s Par Time for their course. Race participants earn a handicap each time they race which represents the difference between the racer’s time and the Par Time expressed as a percentage. Your handicap can vary from race to race.

Does a handicap change or get better with your age and gender?

A handicap is a straight percentage. It is straight math. We take your time and compare it to the par time. Then we detrmine what percent slower your time is compared to the par time. So, the person in the race with the lowest time has the lowest handicap in a given run. Age and gender DO NOT change straight times or handicaps!

What does age and gender do to affect scoring?

Once a handicap is determined, we then take that handicap and look at your age and gender to determine what medal you earn. This is where age and gender make a difference. As you get older (or if you are very young) you can have a higher handicap to receive medals. If you’re a female, you can receive a medal using a higher handicap than a male would need to receive the same medal.

Walser Nissan New Vehicle Sponsor for Buck Hill Leagues!

Ski Challenge welcomes Walser Nissan as the new Vehicle Sponsor for our Buck Hill Leagues for the 2018 season!  Located just minutes from Buck Hill north on Buck Hill Road in Burnsville, Walser Nissan offers our Buck Hill racers a convenient location to shop for a vehicle.

When you stop by Walser Nissan Burnsville in Burnsville, you are treated to a new way of car-buying. The sales team is determined to pair you with the perfect new Nissan, or help you to browse the selection of used and Certified Pre-Owned Nissan models. Thanks to Walser’s Best Price upfront, you can spend less time haggling and more time test-driving the new or used sedan, SUV, truck or minivan that’s best suited for you.

If you’d like to keep your Nissan running well for years to come, stop by the Burnsville Nissan service center for routine maintenance like oil changes, brake inspections and other types of service. If you require more serious Nissan repairs, their factory-trained technicians can take care of that, too. They stock a variety of OEM Nissan parts to ensure that repairs to your vehicle are made in a timely manner. Walser Nissan is also well-equipped to service models of other makes, so you can be confident visiting us no matter what you drive.

Look for the Ski Challenge Nissan Rogue parked at Buck Hill (and at Wild Mountain) throughout the season!

Primal Power New Location Open House

For anyone interested in scoping out the new training facility, we will offer an Open House on Saturday 12/23 from 9:30am – 12ish.  Feel free to swing over and get a feel for the new location and new environment.

Also, on December 23rd we will have a Christmas Challenge posted on the white board.  Athletes will compete to finish the challenge in the fastest time.  Prizes will be given out to fastest times in each category.

NOTE:  You do not need to do the workout to attend the open house!

Saturday December 23rd
1353 Larc Industrial Blvd, Burnsville, MN 55337

Whats happening?

After four years of growth Primal Power is moving facilities! The new facility is located less than one mile away at “The Cages” Facility. They have partnered with Northstar Baseball Club and will be leading the club’s sports performance and training program called Northstar Performance. This move will bring Primal Power a bigger space, a larger, more updated weight room, a more private atmosphere, and greater community outreach. The move is effective January 1, 2018. Primal Power is working diligently to make this transition as smooth as possible. For the near future prices and session times will be the same, as well as the online scheduling and payment. And of course, Jeff Meland will still be personally coaching every session! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Jeff Meland
Phone: 763-516-2823
Email: jeffmeland@primalpowertraining.com

Effective Date: January 1, 2018