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Goggles for Docs

GOGGLES FOR DOCS ~ ~ So, this story began with a request on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from a NYC Doctor wanting to help bridge the gap until more eye protection could arrive.  By Sunday morning, the east coast ski community erupted with a HUGE groundswell of support providing snowsports goggles. By Sunday mid-day, was born. Goggles for Docs is a grassroots effort by collective of hundreds of skiers, riders & snowsports media and manufacturers coming together to offer possible solutions to help during an unprecedented public health crisis.

Here’s what YOU may do to help:

  1. Collect goggles ~ Clean out your boot bags & closets!
  2. Prep your goggles for distribution:
      • Sanitize/wipe goggles & place goggles in a ziplock bag
  3. Check the Goggles for Docs website for locations that are in need of protective eyewear
  4. If you can overnight them directly to a listed facility ~ DO IT (It will get protective eyewear into their hands quickly) -or- Drop-off your prepped donation (sanitized and bagged):Gear West (Long Lake)
    Hi Tempo & The Foot Lab (White Bear Lake)
    Joe’s Sporting Goods (St. Paul)
    Sun & Slope Outfitters (Wayzata)

It is our hope that our healthcare professionals & 1st responders get the official PPE that they need and these donations aren’t needed.  But, we want to be there to help bridge the gap until they do.  Thanks so much for your support and generosity!

Questions… please call Lezlie at 612-708-6810 or

Ski Challenge Items FOR SALE!

Order Items Here

We will ship to you!


2020 Lost and Found

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Items from 2020 Giants Ridge

Items from Buck Hill – Black Diamond Meeting Room

2020 Championships Information for the Weekend

Pre-registration and pre-payment options will close Tuesday, February 25 at midnight.  If you have not paid yet, you are welcome to check in and pay at Giants Ridge.

Click on Links below for all the information you need for the weekend!  We are looking forward to a great weekend with great snow conditions!  The temps look fabulous!


You will receive a bib number to stick to the front and back of your regular season bib for TEAM RACING  You must have a bib number on to participate.  You may only have one bib number on at a time and they need to be placed upside right!  Please do not write all your division bib numbers on one bib – this gets very confusing for the starters.

BIBS for Open Race and King & Queen of the Hel – you will get a Ski Challenge stretch bib to wear for each of these races.  These need to be RETURNED after each race.  Bibs for King & Queen of Hel will not be available for pick up until SATURDAY (we need the Open Race bibs returned first).  You can still register on Friday for that race.


Registration and racer check is in to the Sports Pavilion on the bottom of Helsinki right above the parking lot.  You can also get ready in this building.  The smaller garage will not be available for Ski Challenge participants.  Team awards will still be held in the big garage immediately following each race except the Friday Open race Awards and the King & Queen of the Hel Awards.  Giants Ridge will also have food and beverage available in the big garage on Saturday and Sunday.  Please, no outside beverages in the buildings.  Friday, you can bring in your own beverages.


Purchase lift tickets in the main chalet.  To see Ski Challenge Rates go to this page and scroll to the bottom:  LIFT TICKETS

Schedule for the Weekend:
9 am – Check In Starts – in Sports Pavilion building at bottom of Helsinki above the parking lot.
11 am – 1 pm – Practice Gates – Innsbruck and Helsinki
2 pm – Course Inspection for Ski Challenge Open – Innsbruck
2:30 pm – Race Start for Ski Challenge Open
5:30 pm – Open Race Awards in the Main Chalet next to the Burnt Onion Bar/Restaurant

9 am – Check in Starts – in Sports Pavilion at bottom of Helsinki
Course Inspection is 1/2 prior to Race Time
Awards will immediately follow each division in the building at the bottom of the race run.
6 pm – King & Queen of the Hel Awards in the Main Chalet next to the Burnt Onion

9 am – Check in Starts
Course Inspection is 1/2 hour Prior to Race Time
Awards will immediately follow each division in the building at the bottom of the race run.


Friday, February 28 Race Time
Practice Innsbruck / Helsinki 11 am – 1 pm
Ski Challenge Open Innsbruck 2:30 pm
Ski Challenge Open Awards Burnt Onion 5:30 pm
Saturday, February 29 Race Time
Div 2  Innsbruck 10 am
Div 4 & 6  Innsbruck 12 pm
King & Queen of the Hel  Helsinki 1:30 pm
Div 1  Innsbruck 3 pm
King & Queen of the Hel Awards Burnt Onion Bar 6 pm
Sunday, March 1 Race Time
Div 5  Innsbruck 10:30 am
Div 3  Innsbruck 12 pm
Clinic Information:  CLICK HERE

Ski Challenge Open Race:  CLICK HERE

Team Racing Payment and Score Transfer Information:    CLICK HERE

Running Orders:  CLICK HERE

King and Queen of the Hel:  CLICK HERE

Adding Racers to your Roster

Did you know you can fill an open spots on your roster any time?  Even after week 3?  The best thing to do is fill your 10 roster spots prior to the season.  But, we understand that people commit and then drop out at the last minute.  We also understand that once in a while someone gets hurts or just can’t race anymore.

If you have a spot filled by someone who now can’t race, you can “sell” their spot to someone else.  Just make sure that you notify the Ski Challenge office and have them check in at the registration table prior to racing.  That way we can make sure they are in the computer and get their proper points and medal.

If you have an Empty spot that has not been paid for yet and have someone to fill it.  Contact the Ski Challenge office to find out about rates.

If you add someone who wants to participate in the Championships at Giants Ridge, they need to have at least one race in by Week 5.  No roster CHANGES after week 5.

Remember, there are no refunds.  You can go here for more info on our REFUND POLICY

Ski Challenge budgets and rates are based on how teams are filled.  By filling your team, you help keep fees down.  Unfortunately, when rosters aren’t full, the fixed costs need to be covered somehow, so fees rise.

Welcome Back Racers – FAQ!


If a participant has not paid by race day, they must pay $155 before they receive a bib, t-shirt and are allowed to race.  No one will be allowed to race without fees paid.  If a participant thinks he or she paid and it is marked unpaid, they still need to pay before racing.  Our staff members will make a note for the office to check on payment.  If he or she has paid and we did not mark it down, we will either rip up the check or send back payment.

There are no refunds issued by The Ski Challenge. If someone on your team drops out, or gets hurt, a replacement must be found. The replacement person pays the member who originally paid. If a replacement cannot be found, there is still no refund from Ski Challenge. When a participant (adult or child) withdraws from the program we are left with an opening that was being held for them, possibly turning away other racers. Ski Challenge will attempt to assist you with finding a new member.

Your fee covers all race event administration including: your T-shirt, uniform/bib, two timed runs per race, scoring and awards at each race, medals at each race, trophies and medals at the final league race, chances to win door prizes at each race, result newsletters, web site with updated scores every week (including scores sent in to Nastar), team photo, and staffing for each event.  Note that your fee does not completely cover the cost of all the above expenses, so the fee is subsidized with sponsorship money.

Lift tickets are NOT included in your fee to The Ski Challenge.  You must purchase lift tickets from each ski area in order to use the hill.

Roster substitutions are NOT allowed.  Guest racers may race with a particular team, but cannot count for the team scores or take the place of a missing rostered member for the week.  Each racer number is assigned to a rostered participant and all of their information (ie birthdate, gender, age, previous week’s handicap).  This is permanent until an official roster change has been made.
Roster additions or changes to teams (up to the roster limit of 10) may be made up to and including the third league race. Re-entry of participants is not allowed. You can only make one roster change per bib number. Once a change is made, it remains for the remainder of the season. (Check with office for substitution for injuries.)

A racer’s age is as of December 31, 2019.  It will NOT change during the season.
If a member switches from one team to another in the same race series, all race results prior to the switch will remain intact on the original team.  If a guest racer joins a team, their race results from their guest race in that race series will be added to the team they joined.

You need to have raced in at least one weekly race on the team you will be going to championships with by the completion of week 5.
The current team roster at week 5 is used to determine the team’s division at State.  If a member gets injured after week 5, please contact the Ski Challenge office for this special situation.  All Teams are eligible to compete in the State Championships.  Full teams of 10 are not required.

If you check on your on-line waiver to opt out of e-mails, or you have unsubscribed from an e-mail sent from Ski Challenge, then you will be “opted out” of the list. This means you will not receive any Ski Challenge information including cancellation notices, from Ski Challenge. You will also not receive any sponsor promotions and sale information. If you opt out, you will also NOT be eligible for a door prize during the season. If you would like to OPT back in, you can send Ski Challenge and e-mail for directions.

You may inspect your race course prior to the race by side slipping.


  • Ski through the course
  • Ski through the finish
  • Shadow the course (before or during race)

Additions or changes to teams (up to the roster limit of 10) can be made any time until race 5.  Re-entry of participants is not allowed.  Open spots may be filled any time.

YOU MAY NOT:  Ski with someone else’s bib
YOU MAY NOT:  Substitute someone else in a rostered racer’s position (your entire team will be disqualified for that race and scores will be taken out) PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WEARING THE PROPER BIB – IT IS NOT EASY TO SORT OUT TIMES UNDER THE WRONG BIB #.

If you crash and will not be finishing your race run, or miss a gate, you must ski out of the course.  Do not go through the finish unless you complete the course and want that time to count.  If you get interfered with by another skier while in the course, you must ski out of the course and not go through the finish line in order to get a rerun.  If you ski through the finish, you will not be able to get a rerun and your time will count.  (If you are at the last few gates, you may ski through the finish) If your ski comes off as you start the course it is the discretion of the starter to determine if you should receive a re-run.
If you are taking a rerun, do not go in the middle of a team- go after one team and before another.

You may not ski through the course after the race is complete.  It is not safe for the race crew who is trying to take the course down at that time.

We encourage you to invite friends to guest race.  Or, if you want to drop in at another league night, you are welcome to guest race.

1.  You are allowed to guest race two times per league per season
2.   The cost is $15.  With that you get a temporary bib to wear, two runs* (one on blue & one on red), results and a medal.  We will also send your results in to NASTAR.  *More runs if you are guest racing in a Bonus League.
3.  If you don’t check in prior to the race with the Ski Challenge staff, or if  you show up after the race has begun, you cannot race.
If you are bringing someone new to try racing as a guest, both you      and your guest may guest race for free.  Download a voucher online.

Welcome Portillo New Gold Sponsor

Ski Portillo is the newest Gold sponsor for The Ski Challenge.  Some of you might have heard of us, as Bill Guidera, who is a racer in the club, is our owner’s brother-in-law.

Ski Portillo, Chile will be opening for the 2020 season on June 27 and will stay open until Oct. 3 providing a unique ski experience high in the Chilean Andes. An all-inclusive Ski Portillo vacation provides the perfect “ski-in-summer” getaway for northern hemisphere winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy an unforgettable vacation and create memories of a lifetime with family and friends.

Our terrain is renowned worldwide as a destination for big mountain skiers, ski racers and avid skiers of all levels looking for a unique experience. On top of 80% sunny days, exquisite Chilean cuisine and wines, and the perfect setting to enjoy quality family time, old friends or make new ones, there is no reason not to come.

We want to extend an invitation to visit us this upcoming season. If you would like more information feel free to email us at or visit our website

Northstar Performance Helpful Hints

November 2019 – Healthy Eating made easy!

Anyone who actively tries to eat healthy knows what a struggle it can be. It is not easy continually coming up with a healthy menu, prepping your meals, or even finding ways to eat healthy at the workplace. This week we thought we would share an awesome recipe that will give you a healthier, good tasting snack that will help get you through the day without regret!

Pretzel and Fruit Trailmix


  • 2 cups of pretzels
  • 1-1/2 cup of Frosted Cheerios
  • 2/3 cup of chocolate chips
  • 1 cup of almonds
  • 1/2 cup of chopped dried apricot
  • 1/2 cup of dried banana chips
  • 1/2 cup chocolate chips



Crush pretzels into bite size pieces and place in a medium bowl. Measure and place frosted cheerios, almonds, chopped dried apricots, and dried banana chips in bowl. Melt chocolate chips and spread evenly into mix refrigerate until chocolate is firm, throw it in a portable container and enjoy!

Return of the Turn – Ski Challenge Episode!

Return of the Turn visits us!

In this episode, Marcus travels to Minneapolis, Minnesota to experience The Ski Challenge — the largest recreational ski racing program in the world. What we found was an extremely passionate group of skiers, and that it doesn’t take big mountains to have fun on skis.