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Wild Mountain Sunday DAY & AM Leagues for January 30

This Sunday, January 30th the Wild Mountain Sunday AM and DAY groups will not be meeting in the Bear’s Den. Our registration table will be set up right outside the Bear’s Den in the open area. You are welcome to get ready wherever you can find space. We will be conducting our award ceremonies outside in front of the race shack. At the bottom of the race run.

Sunday PM racers will meet in the Bear’s Den as usual. Wild Mountain is expecting a few big groups that day. The Blizzards will be in the Bear’s Den until 3 pm.

2022 Ski Area Updates

Buck Hill

Buck Hill Lift tickets for evening races: A $20 lift ticket can be purchased for skiing at 7:00 PM.  Ski Challenge racers can purchase these tickets at 6:45 and be out on the course before 7:00. To get this price, the ticket must be purchased  On-line.  Tickets purchased in person will cost $25.

Score Board:  The score board no longer works at Buck Hill.  They will turn up the speaker and will announce all times.


Wild Mountain asks that all racers either put their bags in a cubby or in their vehicle while out racing.

NASTAR Open Races for 2021-22 Season

Ski Challenge will be offering seven open NASTAR races during the season at Buck Hill. These races are for individuals. No team needed. Courses will be ready for inspection at 6:30 pm each night. For $20* you can take as many runs as you want from 7-8:30 pm.

The best way to register for these is through our online registration form. On this form you can choose all the nights you want to participate in, or just choose one and do a new form if you decide to participate in another one.

All scores will be posted on our website and submitted to NASTAR.
Check in will likely be in the hillside room below the Buck ‘54 Bar and Restaurant. We will try and print up early results to distribute to anyone hanging around after the race. Probably in the Buck ‘54 Bar.

5:30-6:30 pm – Check in and pick up bib number at table in TBD
6:30 – Inspection
7-8:30 pm – NASTAR Timed Race
Two GS courses will be set.

Tuesday, December 14
Thursday, December 16 (this will also be a pacesetter trial)
Saturday, January 8
Saturday, January 22
Saturday, January 29
Saturday, February 5
Saturday, February 19


Cheers to a New Year – 2022

2022 marks the 37th season of Ski Challenge! After a somewhat trying season last year, we are hoping for a more normal one this year!

Both Buck Hill and Wild Mountain have designated rooms for us to check in, get ready and celebrate our awards in. At Wild Mountain we will be meeting in the Bear’s Den. At Buck Hill we will be meeting in the Event Center next to Buck ‘54 Bar and Restaurant.
Wild Mountain has done some major renovating this past off-season. A cozy bar and sitting area has been added to the upper level chalet along with a sunny deck.
Some things we learned from last year will be kept in place for this year. Our check in process was streamlined with better check in procedures to keep the line moving. We also pushed guests to sign up and pay prior to coming to the hill in order to process their registrations and check ins quicker.

We will be keeping the Open NASTAR races at Buck Hill. These are a great way to get some extra, timed runs in. Also, a good way to expose a friend to racing in a simple, user friendly way. We will have two races in December, three Saturday evenings in January and two Saturday evenings in February. See the information in this newsletter or on our website for more details and dates.

Buck Hill Updates  Buck Hill Lift tickets for evening races: A $20 lift ticket can be purchased for skiing at 7:00 PM.  Ski Challenge racers can purchase these tickets at 6:45 and be out on the course before 7:00. To get this price, the ticket must be purchased  On-line.  Tickets purchased in person will cost $25.

Score Board at Buck Hill:  The score board no longer works at Buck Hill.  They have installed a new speaker system and will be announcing times.  There will also be a speaker at the top of the race run by the ramp.

Did you know that Ski Challenge started in 1985 with around 35 people? It has grown to over 1,000 racers. This year we will have 12 different leagues to choose from for regular season as well as the two open races in December, and the five open races in January and February.
Championships at Giants Ridge is set for March 4, 5 and 6, 2022. Included in the weekend will be a gate practice, an open team race for fun prizes, Team events and the King & Queen of the Hel event. The Midwest Masters will be having an event on Sunday afternoon of that weekend also.

We are looking forward to a great season and are happy that many racers are coming back!

Early Season Race Camp Opportunity

We do have another great option for you if you are looking for an Early Season Western Race Camp.

The Midwest Masters will be holding a camp November 28 – December 1 at Copper Mountain.  Currently, this camp has two days of GS training and two days of Slalom Training.  If there is enough interest, they can add more days of GS training.

Cost:  $100 per day
Lift Tickets:  $57 per day

More Info

Joe’s Ski Shop – Featured Sponsor

Joe's logo 2007 with ski shopWelcome back Joe’s Ski Shop as a sponsor for the 2021-22 season!

Joseph J. Rauscher began Joe’s as a Buick repair garage in 1930. Many of his customers found a need for live bait, so Joe began to sell minnows. Soon the garage became known as Joe’s Live Bait. The business really began to grow after World War II. On August 1, 1959, Joseph J. Rauscher sold the store to his son & daughter-in-law, Joseph D. and Loretta J. Rauscher. The ski business was added in October 1963. As the stores sales continued to grow, expansions were done in 1965, 1969, 1972, 1976, and the last in 1989.

In August of 2003, Joe’s opened their current store on 33 East County Rd B. The store on Dale St. was closed at the same time. In 2007 they launched their internet store so they could cater to customer’s nation wide.

Today the store is owned by Joseph H. and James T. Rauscher, sons of Joe and Loretta.

Joe’s has been a long time Ski Challenge sponsor going back to the start of Ski Challenge!  Thanks to Joe’s for all their support!

All Ski Challenge members receive a discount at Joe’s

Joe’s is located at 33 E County Road B, St Paul – 651-209-7800

Help Wanted!

We are currently in need of new staff members at Wild Mountain.

UPDATED JULY 31:  We have filled our WMSUNA and WMSUND openings.

Still need:  Emcee or Computer help for WMSUNP and Emcee for WMFRI

Description of Positions and Duties:

Position 1 (Computer)

  • Set up check in table 1-1/2 hours prior to race time
  • Registration/Check in
  • Computer Results
  • Assist with Awards – Take Photos
  • Clean up
  • E-mail results to Ski Challenge Office ASAP

This person needs to be well versed in Excel and able to e-mail and transfer files.

Position 2 (Emcee)

  • Set up Check in table 1-1/2 hours prior to race time
  • Registration/Check in
  • Assist Computer Person (write out awards)
  • Emcee Awards
  • Clean up

This person needs to be able to speak in front of a group

The following will also need to be done at each race by either staff member:

  • Hang running orders and any banners
  • get files and racer changes/guests to timers prior to race start
  • Take Photos outside

For either one of these positions, you may also be needed to meet outside of the specific race time/day to drop off and pick up supplies for the week.

These positions are paid (modestly) and have a lot of perks. You need to be able to commit to seven weeks (or find a sub among our other workers), and also help out a small amount at our Championships at Giants Ridge.

You are also able to compete in the race that you work at. You may not be able to race with your team at certain times but that is a rare occurrence.

Call Barb at the office at 952-894-9220 or e-mail to for more details.

2021 Championships at Giants Ridge – Summary

March 5, 6, 7, 2021 at Giants Ridge. 

We are doing our best to offer a fun filled weekend of racing.  A few things will be a bit different from past years due to the ongoing Covid Rules and Guidelines.

Everything will be outside this year except for check in.  We will not be having awards in the garage this year.  And, we will not have any evening awards presentations in the main chalet.  See below about Giants Ridge’s policies for indoor spaces.

CHECK IN:  Racers will be able to check in and boot up in the Sprung Building/ Sports Pavilion at the bottom of the hill right above the parking lot.  Only 15 people will be allowed inside at one time.  Once you are checked in and booted up, you will need to take all your belongings out and store them in your car.  We encourage everyone who is able to get dressed and booted up prior to coming over to the race venue and check in.

PARKING LOT:  Racers are welcome to tailgate in the parking lot as long as they are keeping the proper social distance of 6′.  Giants Ridge is tentatively going to have some food and drink available for purchase at the races.

AWARDS / RESULTS:  Tentatively, Results and awards will be given out after each race in a designated spot in the parking lot.  We will be doing this even after the Friday Open Race and King and Queen of the Hel.  No gatherings or awards are allowed inside and we will not be using the garage this year.  We will still have great prizes for the the winners of the Friday Team Open Race and the King & Queen of the Hel Race.  We will also have Plaques for each Team Division winner.  Door prize winners will also be drawn after each race.  We do not plan on handing out neck medals or pins this year.

DIVISION TEAM RACING:  Depending on the number of racers signing up this year, we may move to have all Division racing on Saturday.  All Division Team Racing will be held on Innsbruck.  What this means is we would be running two divisions at once.  Plaques would still be awarded to the winning team in each division.  Divisions will be determined on Monday, February 8 after Week 5 is complete

CAPTAIN SURVEY:  A survey was sent out to all captains on Monday, February 1 to find out if their team(s) are planning on participating.  This helps us to determine an approximate number of racers and helps us to determine the schedule for racing.  GO HERE TO FILL OUT SURVEY

REGISTRATION FOR ALL EVENTS:  Will open on Monday, February 8

INDOOR SPACES:  Giants Ridge’s Burnt Onion Restaurant and Main Chalet can be used by reservation only.  Follow this link for more information:  BURNT ONION RESTAURANT




For Team Photos this year we will be following the State of Minnesota COVID guidelines.

  • Each team will meet at the bottom of the race run after first runs.
  • Racers will line up in one line, shoulder to shoulder.  No one will stand in front of anyone.
  • Masks must be kept on the entire time.  (This will give us great memories of this crazy year and will sure make us appreciate “normal” years)

Most leagues will get photos taken at week 5.  Because of Super Bowl Sunday, a few of our leagues will get photos taken at week 4.  Please note below.  This information can also be found on our Calendar

  • BHSUNA – Week 5 – January 31
  • BHSUNP – Week 4 – January 31
  • WMSUNA – Week 4 – January 31
  • WMSUND – Week 4 – January 31
  • WMSUNP – Week 4 – January 31
  • BHMON – Week 5 – February 1
  • BHTUES – Week 5 – February 2
  • BHWEDD – Week 5 – February 3
  • BHWEDP – Week 5 – February 3
  • WMWED – Week 5 – February 3
  • BHTHUR – Week 5 – February 4
  • WMFRI – Week 5 – February 5

Photos will be posted online and FREE to download.



Check-In for Week 1 of the Season – 2021

2021 – This year is obviously different from past years.  We will definitely be racing the first day of each league.  It’s an ever changing situation.

We will be holding Timed Practices from January 4 – January 13.  Team Competition will begin on January 14.  To keep everyone safe and in compliance, the rules below must be followed.


  • Check in starts 1 hour prior to course inspection
  • Find us for check in the parking lot spots next to the Hutch at the base of “Teacher’s Pet”.
  • Please keep 6′ apart and wear a mask.
  • Masks – Face Coverings are required at all timesexcept when in the course – masks must be worn during inspection.
  • Waivers need to be signed digitally prior to check in.  If you have not signed a waiver you will be asked to go and fill one out on your phone and then come back.
  • Follow this Link for all of BUCK HILL COVID GUIDELINES


  • Check in will be held in the “Bears Den” and will start 1 hour prior to course inspection
  • Each participant will pick up a bib and T-shirt.
  • Waivers need to be signed digitally prior to check in.  If you have not signed a waiver you will be asked to go and fill one out on your phone and then come back.
  • Only a small number of participants can be in line to pick up at a time and need to remain 6′ apart.
  • Masks – Face Coverings are required at all times – except when in the course – masks must be worn during inspection.
  • Participants are allowed to boot up in this room.
  • Follow this Link for all of WILD MOUNTAIN COVID GUIDELINES


  • Masks – everyone is required to wear a mask inside all facilities and when outsideexcept when in the course – masks must be worn during inspection.
  • Each team is considered a “Pod”.  Each pod must remain 12 feet apart from other pods.
  • Inspection will start 1/2 hour prior to start time.  You will need to remain 6 feet apart, wear your mask and space out at the top while waiting to get in the course to inspect.
  • Only three people per side allowed on the ramp.  One in each start gate, one on the ramp, and one at the bottom of the ramp.  Please stay in bib order.  Lining up in a crowd at the bottom or on the ramp is prohibited.  Stay 6 feet apart in the area around the ramp while waiting.  Keep an eye on what bib numbers are going so you can get to the top at the right time.
  • When you complete your run you can watch your team.  You all must remain 6 feet apart at the bottom of the run.  Once your team is done you need to move on to allow for room for the next team.
  • NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED – Spectators will be allowed starting January 14.  They will need to follow all the ski area Covid guidelines and rules.
  • Everyone is assigned one number that will be used throughout the entire seven week series.  No one else can wear your bib or use your number.  This bib number is tied directly to your information on our database.  Once you pick up your bib for the season, just show up at the top of the hill each week for your runs.  If you forget your bib, please alert the starter.  There is no need to check in after the first race you are in.
    • Your bib number is our way to track who was at each event for contact tracing.


If you have a guest who would like to participate, or if you want to participate as a guest at a league you normally don’t participate in, follow this link for more information.  You must register online to participate as a guest this year:  GUEST