Race Format
Standard modified giant slalom format with dual course.  Each racer makes one run in each course.  The host ski area provides race crew, sets & maintains race course.

Race Make up
It is very difficult to make up races due to the tight schedule.  Sorry, NO individual make-ups.

Team Composition
Each team may have a maximum of 10 permanent racers (no substitutes).  A team does not need all ten racers present to compete.  Each member may participate on one team per race.   Racers can be on more than one team just so the teams are in different races (different leagues).  Teams are generally put together by individual captains.  If you are an individual looking for a team, then Ski Challenge can place you on an existing team.  Ski Challenge will do its best to place you on a team which best matches your preferences and abilities.

Bibs will only be ordered for:

  • Teams that have reserved their team spot (at least one paid member).
  • If bibs are ordered and the team folds, the captain deposit will not be returned.

Bibs are ordered November 2.


A racer’s age is as of December 31 of that ski season.  It will NOT change during the season.  Must be 18 or older to participate in Adult only races.  Children ages 4-17 may participate in any of the ALL AGE OR ADULT+ KIDS leagues.  Go to league schedule to find out which leagues.

Roster Changes
Additions or changes to teams (up to the roster limit of 10) can be made any time until race 5.  Re-entry of participants is not allowed.  Open spots may be filled any time.

Your week 5 roster will be the set roster for Championships.  No Changes after week 5.  You can only make one roster change per bib number.  Once a change is made, it remains for the remainder of the season*.

Roster substitutions are NOT allowed.  Guest racers may race with a particular team, but cannot count for the team scores or take the place of a missing rostered member for the week.  Each racer number is assigned to a rostered participant and all of their information (ie birthdate, gender, age, previous week’s handicap).  This is permanent until an official roster change has been made.

Switching Teams or Guest Joining Teams
If a member switches from one team to another in the same league, all race results prior to the switch will remain intact on the original team.  If a guest racer joins a team, his or her race results from his or her guest race in that league will be added to the team they joined.

Race Order
Teams race together in bib sequence each week.  The race order is announced at first race event.  This order will rotate throughout the series.  The race order is posted one hour prior to race start.  Teams are to be in the starting gate on time or will forfeit race order and race last in the course.  Running orders within the team need to be set by December 15 for Regular Season Racing.  This running order cannot be changed after December 15 or at the first race.

If you miss a gate or crash in the race course, do NOT ski through the finish.  Times are recorded electronically and If you ski through the finish, you might receive that time.  Our race officials try and see everything, but making the clock stop by skiing through the finish may alter results.  We understand that sometimes it is difficult to avoid skiing through the finish, but in more cases, it can be avoided.

Reruns are determined by ski area race officials only.  If there is interference or course obstruction a racer must ski out of the course and NOT go through finish unless the obstruction happens at the last two gates.  Racer should stop off the course and signal timer with ski pole, then report to starter.  Racers should not take a re-run in the middle of another team’s running order.  Please take re-runs at the end of one team and beginning of another.

Course Setting and Inspection
Courses are set by the host ski area employees and are available for inspection one half hour  prior to race start.  Competitors may side slip course – DO NOT shadow or ski through gates.  Doing so will result in your scores not being counted for that race.  Depending on course conditions, participants may be asked by area official to slip out the course.  Beginner racers (young racers) may snow plow slowly through the course for inspection.

Race Results
Unofficial results are announced & medals awarded approximately 15-20 minutes after each race event.  Official results with team and individual standings are available online the next day.  Individual results will also be submitted to NASTAR by the next day.  A printed copy of the results will be available at ski areas and sponsoring ski shops by the next week.

A handicap system is used to determine medals.  The racers’ best handicap of the two runs is used to determine medal and team points.  Medals are awarded each night at the awards ceremony.  Refer to the official handicap chart for details on the handicap system.  The top six scores from each team count for team points.  These accumulate weekly through Race 7 to determine champions.  Racers #7, #8, #9 and bonus points will be accumulated each week to determine any tiebreakers at the last race.

5 pts for Platinum  —  4 pts for Gold  —  3 pts for Silver  — 2 pts for Bronze  —  1 pts for “I did it”

The Ski Challenge director for each particular race series has the authority to invalidate individual or team scores for flagrant violations of Ski Challenge policies/rules.


Fastest: Always the female and male, girl and boy with the lowest handicap at that race. This award will be given out all seven weeks.

Fast: This is the next fastest female and male, girl and boy who have not received a fast or fastest award yet. This award will be given out all seven weeks.

Most Improved: Always the female and male, boy and girl with the most improvement from the previous week. This award can be given to someone who has earned it before. This award is given out at weeks two through seven.

Each winner will receive an award certificate. The top five in each category are announced each week. Winners are posted in the newsletter each week.

League End of Season Awards

Team Awards
The team in each preseason and regular season league with the most points accumulated after the last race is declared Champions of that league and awarded a team trophy.  Medallions are awarded to 1st , 2nd and 3rd  place team members, ribbons to 4th and 5th.  In the event of a tie, we will compare points of the 7th racer, then 8th, then 9th.  After the 9th racer we will go to bonus points.

Individual Awards:
For Regular season only.  Members must have participated in at least 4 of 7 weekly races to qualify for individual awards such as Fastest and Most Improved of the league or for their team.  Fastest of the team is based on your rated handicap (dropping the best and worse and averaging the remaining).  Fastest of the league is based on your rated handicap (dropping the best and worse and averaging the remaining). Most Improved of the team and league is more subjective.  We try and look at point and percentage improvements.  We also look at participants who show a continued improvement throughout the season and who have had good attendance.


Championships:  Your current team roster at week 5 is used to determine your team division at State.  Members need to have participated and earned a handicap/medal in one regular season race for that team by the end of that league’s week 5 in order to participate in State Championships.  A racer needs to have a medal average for the team at week 5.  No changes to roster after week 5.  All Teams are eligible to compete in the State Championships.  Full teams of 10 are not required.