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NASTAR for 2021

NASTAR has pulled itself together and we have finally come to an agreement with them.  All Ski Challenge scores will be sent under the “Ski Challenge” name.  Neither Buck Hill nor Wild Mountain will be participating as NASTAR Resorts.

Ski Challenge will be holding four Open, NASTAR type of races on certain Saturday nights throughout the season.  GO HERE for more information.

Welcome Back to Racing!

2021 marks the 36th season of Ski Challenge!  It looks like it’s going to be a little bit different kind of season this year due to the Pandemic.  We know no matter what, our racers are die-hards!  The members of Ski Challenge make our program the success that it is.  You are enthusiastic for the sport and can’t seem to get enough!

This year we will be focusing on racing and enjoying the great outdoors.  We may need to modify our traditional awards ceremonies or may not be able to have them, but we will do all we can to post results quickly online and honor all of our racers.  We will know more as we get closer to the season.  The safety of our racers and staff is our main priority!

We’ve added a COVID update page to our website.  Check back for updates as we get closer to the season.

Did you know that Ski Challenge started in 1985 with around 35 people?  It has grown to over 1,000 racers.  This year we will have 12 different leagues to choose from for regular season as well as a couple open races in December.  We’ve added four Saturday night open races to our schedule at Buck Hill.  These races will offer participants a chance to just run gates, get times and handicaps.  Two of the races we are planning on offering a lane of slalom!

We are still planning on our Championships at Giants Ridge this Spring.  We will know more about the format and schedule as we get closer.  Hopefully we will be in a much better position with the pandemic by then.


Covid – 19 Information

Updated:  February 27, 2021


  • 15 people will be allowed at a time in the Sprung building for check in and booting up.
  • All bags and equipment must be stored in your vehicle or lodging
  • Masks must be worn at all events, on ramps, in lift lines (may be taken down while racing in the course)


  • You must boot up and warm up in your vehicle. Inside is not open for this.
  • Inside is open for purchasing food and beverage and restroom use only.
  • Ski Challenge will have a table in Hillside Room (under bar) for any check in, bib pick up, guests. We will be there 45 minutes prior to course inspection.


  • Ski Challenge participants may continue to boot up in the Bear’s Den room. All bags and belongings must be stored in your vehicle and not left in the room.
  • Ski Challenge will have a table in the Bear’s Den room

At our Practices and Events:

  • Masks – everyone is required to wear a mask inside all facilities and when outsideexcept when in the course – masks must be worn during inspection.
  • Each team is considered a “Pod”.  Each pod must remain 12 feet apart from other pods.
  • Inspection will start 1/2 hour prior to start time.  You will need to remain 6 feet apart, wear your mask and space out at the top while waiting to get in the course to inspect.
  • RAMP – 6′ off distance must be  kept on the ramp.  Please stay in bib order.  DO NOT line up in a crowd at the bottom or on the ramp.  Stay 6 feet apart in the area around the ramp while waiting.  Keep an eye on what bib numbers are going so you can get to the top at the right time.
  • When you complete your run you can watch your team.  You all must remain 6 feet apart at the bottom of the run.  Once your team is done you need to move on to allow for room for the next team.
  • Everyone is assigned one number that will be used throughout the entire seven week series.  No one else can wear your bib or use your number.  This bib number is tied directly to your information on our database.  Once you pick up your bib for the season, just show up at the top of the hill each week for your runs.  If you forget your bib, please alert the starter.  There is no need to check in after the first race you are in.
    • Your bib number is our way to track who was at each event for contact tracing.

Registration and Liability waivers:

  • Register online
  • Pay online or mail in a check
  • Guest Racers register and pay online by 3 PM the day of night races.  Sunday races and day races register and pay online by two hours prior to inspection.

Check in, getting ready for the race, racing

SKI CHALLENGE COVID-19 Preparedness Plan at Buck Hill

SKI CHALLENGE COVID-19 Preparedness Plan at Wild Mountain




We understand that this is an ever changing situation and are honestly shocked and disappointed that we are still having to worry about it for our January races.  We will do our best to give you the best racing experience possible under the circumstances.  And, we thank you for your support to keep our program alive.



Goggles for Docs

GOGGLES FOR DOCS ~ ~ So, this story began with a request on Saturday, March 28, 2020 from a NYC Doctor wanting to help bridge the gap until more eye protection could arrive.  By Sunday morning, the east coast ski community erupted with a HUGE groundswell of support providing snowsports goggles. By Sunday mid-day, was born. Goggles for Docs is a grassroots effort by collective of hundreds of skiers, riders & snowsports media and manufacturers coming together to offer possible solutions to help during an unprecedented public health crisis.

Here’s what YOU may do to help:

  1. Collect goggles ~ Clean out your boot bags & closets!
  2. Prep your goggles for distribution:
      • Sanitize/wipe goggles & place goggles in a ziplock bag
  3. Check the Goggles for Docs website for locations that are in need of protective eyewear
  4. If you can overnight them directly to a listed facility ~ DO IT (It will get protective eyewear into their hands quickly) -or- Drop-off your prepped donation (sanitized and bagged):Gear West (Long Lake)
    Hi Tempo & The Foot Lab (White Bear Lake)
    Joe’s Sporting Goods (St. Paul)
    Sun & Slope Outfitters (Wayzata)

It is our hope that our healthcare professionals & 1st responders get the official PPE that they need and these donations aren’t needed.  But, we want to be there to help bridge the gap until they do.  Thanks so much for your support and generosity!

Questions… please call Lezlie at 612-708-6810 or

2020 Lost and Found

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Items from 2020 Giants Ridge

Items from Buck Hill – Black Diamond Meeting Room

2020 Championships Information for the Weekend

Pre-registration and pre-payment options will close Tuesday, February 25 at midnight.  If you have not paid yet, you are welcome to check in and pay at Giants Ridge.

Click on Links below for all the information you need for the weekend!  We are looking forward to a great weekend with great snow conditions!  The temps look fabulous!


You will receive a bib number to stick to the front and back of your regular season bib for TEAM RACING  You must have a bib number on to participate.  You may only have one bib number on at a time and they need to be placed upside right!  Please do not write all your division bib numbers on one bib – this gets very confusing for the starters.

BIBS for Open Race and King & Queen of the Hel – you will get a Ski Challenge stretch bib to wear for each of these races.  These need to be RETURNED after each race.  Bibs for King & Queen of Hel will not be available for pick up until SATURDAY (we need the Open Race bibs returned first).  You can still register on Friday for that race.


Registration and racer check is in to the Sports Pavilion on the bottom of Helsinki right above the parking lot.  You can also get ready in this building.  The smaller garage will not be available for Ski Challenge participants.  Team awards will still be held in the big garage immediately following each race except the Friday Open race Awards and the King & Queen of the Hel Awards.  Giants Ridge will also have food and beverage available in the big garage on Saturday and Sunday.  Please, no outside beverages in the buildings.  Friday, you can bring in your own beverages.


Purchase lift tickets in the main chalet.  To see Ski Challenge Rates go to this page and scroll to the bottom:  LIFT TICKETS

Schedule for the Weekend:
9 am – Check In Starts – in Sports Pavilion building at bottom of Helsinki above the parking lot.
11 am – 1 pm – Practice Gates – Innsbruck and Helsinki
2 pm – Course Inspection for Ski Challenge Open – Innsbruck
2:30 pm – Race Start for Ski Challenge Open
5:30 pm – Open Race Awards in the Main Chalet next to the Burnt Onion Bar/Restaurant

9 am – Check in Starts – in Sports Pavilion at bottom of Helsinki
Course Inspection is 1/2 prior to Race Time
Awards will immediately follow each division in the building at the bottom of the race run.
6 pm – King & Queen of the Hel Awards in the Main Chalet next to the Burnt Onion

9 am – Check in Starts
Course Inspection is 1/2 hour Prior to Race Time
Awards will immediately follow each division in the building at the bottom of the race run.


Friday, February 28 Race Time
Practice Innsbruck / Helsinki 11 am – 1 pm
Ski Challenge Open Innsbruck 2:30 pm
Ski Challenge Open Awards Burnt Onion 5:30 pm
Saturday, February 29 Race Time
Div 2  Innsbruck 10 am
Div 4 & 6  Innsbruck 12 pm
King & Queen of the Hel  Helsinki 1:30 pm
Div 1  Innsbruck 3 pm
King & Queen of the Hel Awards Burnt Onion Bar 6 pm
Sunday, March 1 Race Time
Div 5  Innsbruck 10:30 am
Div 3  Innsbruck 12 pm
Clinic Information:  CLICK HERE

Ski Challenge Open Race:  CLICK HERE

Team Racing Payment and Score Transfer Information:    CLICK HERE

Running Orders:  CLICK HERE

King and Queen of the Hel:  CLICK HERE

Adding Racers to your Roster

Did you know you can fill an open spots on your roster any time?  Even after week 3?  The best thing to do is fill your 10 roster spots prior to the season.  But, we understand that people commit and then drop out at the last minute.  We also understand that once in a while someone gets hurts or just can’t race anymore.

If you have a spot filled by someone who now can’t race, you can “sell” their spot to someone else.  Just make sure that you notify the Ski Challenge office and have them check in at the registration table prior to racing.  That way we can make sure they are in the computer and get their proper points and medal.

If you have an Empty spot that has not been paid for yet and have someone to fill it.  Contact the Ski Challenge office to find out about rates.

If you add someone who wants to participate in the Championships at Giants Ridge, they need to have at least one race in by Week 5.  No roster CHANGES after week 5.

Remember, there are no refunds.  You can go here for more info on our REFUND POLICY

Ski Challenge budgets and rates are based on how teams are filled.  By filling your team, you help keep fees down.  Unfortunately, when rosters aren’t full, the fixed costs need to be covered somehow, so fees rise.