Adding Racers to your Roster

Did you know you can fill an open spots on your roster any time?  Even after week 3?  The best thing to do is fill your 10 roster spots prior to the season.  But, we understand that people commit and then drop out at the last minute.  We also understand that once in a while someone gets hurts or just can’t race anymore.

If you have a spot filled by someone who now can’t race, you can “sell” their spot to someone else.  Just make sure that you notify the Ski Challenge office and have them check in at the registration table prior to racing.  That way we can make sure they are in the computer and get their proper points and medal.

If you have an Empty spot that has not been paid for yet and have someone to fill it.  Contact the Ski Challenge office to find out about rates.

If you add someone who wants to participate in the Championships at Giants Ridge, they need to have at least one race in by Week 5.  No roster CHANGES after week 5.

Remember, there are no refunds.  You can go here for more info on our REFUND POLICY

Ski Challenge budgets and rates are based on how teams are filled.  By filling your team, you help keep fees down.  Unfortunately, when rosters aren’t full, the fixed costs need to be covered somehow, so fees rise.