What do I do at the First Race?

Whether you are new to Ski Challenge, or back for another season, you need to arrive a little earlier for the first race of the season. Prior to racing, check in at the registration table in the designated room. At Buck Hill we meet in the Black Diamond Event Center above the ski school  At Wild Mountain our Sunday League registration table will be set up in the Robert C room next to the Eagle’s Nest Bar and Grill.  Fridays and Wednesday nights at Wild we will be set up in the Eagle’s Newst Bar and Grill.

At the check in table you check in by your last name, not your team. The Ski Challenge staff will check to see if you have filled out a liability form. If not, you will need to fill one out. You are required to sign the form and verify that you have paid before you can get your racing uniform/bib and T-shirt.  If you are under 18 and your parents will not be with your at the first race, you must have an online waiver completed by a parent before you can participate. No one will be allowed to race in any race without a signed liability form.  If you have not already registered and/or filled out a waiver Go here to fill out a liability form.

You will only need to check in once.  The same bib you were issued at this check in is the one you will use the entire season.