Dedication to Sara Bauer from Guys & Dolls – 2023

To Friends and Fellow Racers of Sara Bauer:

Guys and Dolls wanted to share that we dedicate the Guys and Dolls 2023 D2 win to our friend and sister in skiing Sara Bauer.

Sara corralled up this team of diverse people and made us into this crazy close team.  She had high standards of attendance, training and performance (you didn’t want to be on the “naughty list!”)!  She (strongly) encouraged that we all get on the Atomic Redsters (we all did)!  She wrangled us all up to State for the first time in 2021 and led us to the D2 victory–a first for the team, founded in 1997 by Queen Judy Alm, who handed the torch to Sara in 2016.  This win was such a proud and special moment for Sara!  Hella celebration ensued…(it went on monthly from house to house).

In 2022 only the team knew that her cancer recurred–and we lost her on April 11, 2022.

We were heartbroken to lose our “Fearless Leader” (aka Sara’s signature).

This year, down extra skiers due injuries (Mark), illicit moves to Cali (Scott), family illness (Isabella) and other logistics (Heidi) we regrouped (thanks, Heather and Natalie/Ringer) and raced, starting every race run with a very jubilant: “SKI FOR SARA!”

We made these for the team to wear on our helmets at State, 2023, and the sun came out right before the first run–certain Sara was right there with us.

We “did this thing” for you, Girl.  You will be in our hearts forever.

Barb and Dave–thank you for all you do with the Ski Challenge.  This program and her teams were a very special part of her life.


Sara Bauer 1963-2022

Guys and Dolls 2021 Division 2 Champs with Captain Sara



Guys and Dolls 2023 Division 2 Champs–and a Burgie photo bomb (Sara laughing for sure)