Covid – 19 Information

CURRENT PLANS AS OF October 21, 2020

Registration and Liability waivers:  Fill out a waiver online digitally prior to check in.  This will be done when you register online.  GO HERE TO REGISTER AND SIGN WAIVER.  If you are not registered or your captain has not included you in a submitted roster by November 15, we will take you off the list and will not order a bib or t-shirt for you.  If you decide to join up in January, you may have to wear an old bib with a duct tape number on it and the fee will be $155.  You may also not get a T-shirt.

Payments:  Please try and pay ahead either online with a credit card or by mailing in a check.  We won’t turn your money away on check in day, but we are trying to avoid as much time and contact during the check in period as possible.

Check in:  We are still setting a plan for check in.  As we get closer to race season, we will have more details depending on the rules and state guidelines.  We will do all we can do keep everyone safe and distanced appropriately.  Currently, masks are required inside all buildings at the ski areas.  We are considering different check in times/days for groups of racers so that everyone will be set on the first race day and will not have to check in then.

Getting Ready for the race:  Guests are encouraged to get ready in their own vehicles.  You are welcome to use any of the ski area facilities that allow guests and have not exceeded capacity limits to get ready in.  Currently, Buck Hill is planning on having the room next to the bar (our normal meeting room) open to the public.  You will need to take all of your belongings back to your car or store in an available locker.  Nothing can be stored inside any of the buildings.  Masks must be worn inside all buildings.

Racing:  Running orders will be posted with an estimated time for each team.  The amount of racers waiting at the top will be limited as will the number of racers on the ramp at a time.  It will be very important to stay in bib order.  All guidelines and rules expressed by the Ski Areas need to be followed.



Results:  Currently we do not plan on having an awards ceremony.  Racers are welcome to use the ski area bar, restaurant, tent areas, etc while following capacity rules.  Ski Challenge will work immediately after each race to post results for racers to view online from either the ski area or when they return home.  No paper results will be printed the day of the race.  We will also try and come up with a way to honor our Most Improved and Fastest Racers of the week.  And, we will come up with a way to provide Sponsor Door Prizes to the group.

We understand that this is an ever changing situation and are honestly shocked and disappointed that we are still having to worry about it for our January races.  We will do our best to give you the best racing experience possible under the circumstances.  And, we thank you for your support to keep our program alive.