Covid – 19 Information

Updated:  February 27, 2021


  • 15 people will be allowed at a time in the Sprung building for check in and booting up.
  • All bags and equipment must be stored in your vehicle or lodging
  • Masks must be worn at all events, on ramps, in lift lines (may be taken down while racing in the course)


  • You must boot up and warm up in your vehicle. Inside is not open for this.
  • Inside is open for purchasing food and beverage and restroom use only.
  • Ski Challenge will have a table in Hillside Room (under bar) for any check in, bib pick up, guests. We will be there 45 minutes prior to course inspection.


  • Ski Challenge participants may continue to boot up in the Bear’s Den room. All bags and belongings must be stored in your vehicle and not left in the room.
  • Ski Challenge will have a table in the Bear’s Den room

At our Practices and Events:

  • Masks – everyone is required to wear a mask inside all facilities and when outsideexcept when in the course – masks must be worn during inspection.
  • Each team is considered a “Pod”.  Each pod must remain 12 feet apart from other pods.
  • Inspection will start 1/2 hour prior to start time.  You will need to remain 6 feet apart, wear your mask and space out at the top while waiting to get in the course to inspect.
  • RAMP – 6′ off distance must be  kept on the ramp.  Please stay in bib order.  DO NOT line up in a crowd at the bottom or on the ramp.  Stay 6 feet apart in the area around the ramp while waiting.  Keep an eye on what bib numbers are going so you can get to the top at the right time.
  • When you complete your run you can watch your team.  You all must remain 6 feet apart at the bottom of the run.  Once your team is done you need to move on to allow for room for the next team.
  • Everyone is assigned one number that will be used throughout the entire seven week series.  No one else can wear your bib or use your number.  This bib number is tied directly to your information on our database.  Once you pick up your bib for the season, just show up at the top of the hill each week for your runs.  If you forget your bib, please alert the starter.  There is no need to check in after the first race you are in.
    • Your bib number is our way to track who was at each event for contact tracing.

Registration and Liability waivers:

  • Register online
  • Pay online or mail in a check
  • Guest Racers register and pay online by 3 PM the day of night races.  Sunday races and day races register and pay online by two hours prior to inspection.

Check in, getting ready for the race, racing

SKI CHALLENGE COVID-19 Preparedness Plan at Buck Hill

SKI CHALLENGE COVID-19 Preparedness Plan at Wild Mountain




We understand that this is an ever changing situation and are honestly shocked and disappointed that we are still having to worry about it for our January races.  We will do our best to give you the best racing experience possible under the circumstances.  And, we thank you for your support to keep our program alive.