Captain Deposit Letter July 2020



To:  All Ski Challenge Captains

Attached you will find the most current roster we have for your team.  If you have bib numbers next to your names (not 1-10), that means that you have already registered your team.

We are lucky that our sport is an outdoor sport and skiing is currently on the “allowed” sport for the state of Minnesota.  However, we understand that you and/or some of your members may be hesitant to sign up and commit to the upcoming season.  For this reason, we have extended the deadline to register a team and pay the team deposit ($150 for one member of the team) from August 31 to October 31.  In November and December we need to plan for the season and need to have an idea of how many participants and teams we will have for each league.  Plans and procedures will be figured based on that number.

This deposit is non-refundable.  Even if your team decides to bow out, we have fixed costs and budgets that need to be paid no matter what.  If your team bows out, maybe you can divide the $150 by your 10 members making it $15 per person instead of one person being out $150.  If you don’t register your team and come January you decide you do want to race, we can still make something work at that time.  If you definitely know that no one on your team will be participating this year, please let us know so we can take you off the list.

If you have team members who are not sure if they will participate this season, DO NOT have them register and pay.  And let us know to take them off the roster for the time being so we know how many participants have.  In November we will communicate with registered teams and see if we need to either combine some teams for this season or have smaller teams.  If someone registers and pays and then decides to cancel, we cannot issue refunds after October 31.  So, hang on to this roster so that you have contact info for your team members even if we take them off your roster for this year.

We are hoping that things will get better this Fall and by the start of our season.  If things don’t change much by January, we have preliminary plans on how to implement the races.  Obviously, some general plans will be:

  • Set up a check in / bib pick up procedure that follows guidelines and safety of everyone involved
  • Limit the number of teams congregating at the top
  • Limit the number of racers on the ramp.
  • Have specific “race times” for each team kind of like tee-times.
  • Possibly start the races earlier to allow enough time to space race-starts out

And, I’m guessing that the ski areas will have procedures in place for inside their buildings and riding the chair lifts.  Obviously, no awards ceremonies if groups are still limited to 25 or less.

These plans are definitely subject to change and will need to be refined as we get closer to the start of the season.

It’s a tough time for everyone right now, especially small businesses.  We are just trying to keep Ski Challenge afloat through this season so that we can hopefully return to normal in the coming years and not have it go away all together.

REGISTER YOUR TEAM:  You can find a link here to register your team and/or register as an individual.  REGISTRATION

FEES – The fee this year is $150 ($150 + fees if paid by Credit Card) per person until October 31.  It goes to $155 ($155 + fees with Credit Card) after that.  Click here for a complete FEE SCHEDULE.  Sorry, no partial refunds if the program is modified or we can’t have certain parts of the program such as awards ceremonies.

SCHEDULES – To see a complete schedule with race dates and times go to:  SCHEDULES.

BIBS – We will NOT order bibs for your team unless a deposit is paid.  Bibs are ordered November 1.   We will only order bibs for members who are registered and plan on racing.


Check out our Calendar of Events for all the details

Questions?  Call 952-894-9220 or e-mail