2018 Championships Recap

We had another successful Championships Weekend at Giants Ridge March 2-4.  The weather was fabulous and the conditions were awesome!  We had a total of 511 racer starts during the three days.  The Ski Challenge OPEN Team Race was held on Friday.  Divisional Team Racing was held on Saturday and Sunday.  And, the “King & Queen of the Hel” race was held on Saturday afternoon.  Scroll down to see more about each race.

Ski Challenge Friday OPEN Team Race on Innsbruck

“NoWax” team was the winner out of 17 teams again for the fourth year in a row!  The team included Scott Malmsten, Ken McAdam, Kristina Ammon, Pat Hiller,  Doug Nordmeyer, and Terry Lutz.  We had 96 participants in the race.  An awards ceremony was held Friday night at the new chalet next to the Burnt Onion Bar.

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Team racing took place on Saturday and Sunday of the Championships Weekend.  Divisions 2, 4 and 6 were on Saturday and Divisions 1, 3 and 5 were on Sunday.

Winning Teams: ALL RESULTS

Division 1:

  1. RE/WAX – Buck Hill Wednesday DAY
  2. Bud Bunch – Wild Mountain Sunday DAY
  3. Shotskis – Wild Mountain Sunday DAY

Division 2:

  1. RUdoneW/that? – Buck Hill Friday
  2. The Karma Terrain – Buck Hill Wednesday DAY
  3. The Gate Commandos – Buck Hill Sunday AM

Division 3:

  1. Musskis – Buck Hill Monday
  2. Buhler Blizzard – Buck Hill Sunday AM
  3. The Naski Boyz – Buck Hill Wednesday PM

Division 4:

  1.  The High Lifers – Buck Hill Thursday
  2.  Jesters – Buck Hill Wednesday PM
  3. The Cruzin Wild Bunch – Wild Mountain Sunday DAY

Division 5:

  1. Bucket Boys – Buck Hill Sunday PM
  2. Sitting Ducks – Buck Hill Wednesday PM
  3. Rail Riders – Buck Hill Saturday

Division 6

  1. The Rookies – Buck Hill Thursday
  2. Ancient Ninjas – Buck Hill Thursday
  3. Rock it Dawgs – Buck Hill Saturday

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This was the second year of the King and Queen of the Hel Race.  This race was open to all Ski Challenge members and non Ski Challenge members and is held on Helsinki.  We had 54 participants.  If you were a Ski Challenge member, we took your “rated Handicap” going into the race and compared what your earned handicap was in the race.  We then determined a % improvement (or un-improvement).  We crowned a King and a Queen of the Hel based on the best % of improvement.  We also gave prizes to the fastest racers in various age groups.

An awards ceremony was held on Saturday night in the new Chalet next to the Burnt Onion Bar.  Anika Hager was crowned Queen of the Hel.  Eddie Overholt was crowned King (for the second year in a row).  To see all the results for this race follow these links:



To see photos from the weekend you can find links on our website here: PHOTOS.  Or you can find the photos on our facebook page here:  PHOTOS