Division 6 Running Order

Running orders are determined by teams’ medal averages. First and Second ranked teams will run 2nd on Blue and Red. 3rd and 4th ranked teams run first on Blue and Red. All others follow in rank order starting in the 3rd position on Blue and Red.

The running order also shows how many racers are registered to count and how many are actually racing. Some that are counting are racing on other teams and will have scores transferred. All racers run with highest seeded team with scores transferring to their lower seeded teams.

Saturday, March 3, 2018
12 pm

Blue RacingCountingRed RacingCounting
600The Rookies1010670Chinese Downhill22
610Ancient Ninjas66680Heading Downhill66
620Natural Intimidators22690The Frozen Chicken Heads55
630Drunkin Skidiots44700Rock It Dawgs77
650Fast Cheetahs22720DTwSP1010
660Shred the Bunny!77600The Rookies1010
670Chinese Downhill22610Ancient Ninjas66
680Heading Downhill66620Natural Intimidators22
690The Frozen Chicken Heads55630Drunkin Skidiots44
700Rock It Dawgs77640BBC12
710Hoigaards44650Fast Cheetahs22
720DTwSP1010660Shred the Bunny!77