Northstar Performance – Getting Fit for Racing

Introduction – Publication 1

At Northstar Performance, we pride ourselves on taking a highly technical, knowledge based approach to training. We love to mix all that knowledge into a high energy, entertaining workout. We are proud to sponsor with Ski Challenge and we understand the varying levels of fitness and activity of each racer. We love to modify movements and personalize the group setting as much as possible so that each individual is comfortably challenged, and leaves having benefited from the training.

This year we are excited to offer something new. Every week in the Ski Challenge newsletter we will be incorporating workouts, movements, and nutrition tidbits that are valuable to anyone participating in Ski Challenge. Be sure to check out our column each week, and if you haven’t started to train with us it’s not too late! Join us this week and enjoy the results!

Ski Challenge Training Sessions
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7-8 pm
Now thru November 7